This page contains a list of all official peer-reviewed publications and presentations. I will try to provide links where possible to anything that is open access.

2022Green, O., Tremblay, P.A., Moore, T., Bradbury, J., Hart, J., Harker, A., & Roma, G. (2022) Architecture about Dancing: Creating a Cross Environment, Cross Domain Framework for Creative Coding Musicians. Presentation. 33rd Annual Workshop of the Psychology of Programming Interest Group (PPIG). Milton Keynes, United Kingdom.Paper
2022Tremblay, P.A., Green, O., Roma, G., Bradbury, J., Moore, T., Hart, J., & Harker, A. (2022) The Fluid Corpus Manipulation Toolbox (v.1). Zenodo. doi: /10.5281/zenodo.6834643Paper
2022Tremblay, P.A., Green, O., Bradbury, J., & Moore, T. (2022) Teaching Critical Machine Listening and Machine Learning with FluCoMa. Workshop. ICMC-2022. Limerick, Ireland.Workshop
2021Accidental Polyglot. NOTAM Max Meetup, Online. Not recorded.Presentation
2020"Computer-assisted corpus exploration with UMAP and agglomerative clustering". The 2020 Joint Conference on AI Music Creativity, Online. pdfvideo
2019"Finding things in stuff". FluCoMa Plenary 2019, Huddersfield, UK. videoPresentation
2019"Composing with raw data and content-aware programs in Python and Lua". Creative Coding Lab, Huddersfield, UK.Presentation
2019"Making decisions about making decisions about making decisions". Creative Coding Lab Symposium @ Electric Spring 2019, Huddersfield, UK. videoPresentation
2019"Annealing Strategies". CeReNeM Colloquium 2019, Huddersfield, UK.Presentation
2017"Biomimicry: Analysis of a corpus-based interactive system". ICMC 2017, Shanghai, ChinaPresentation